Billabong Retired Breeding Dogs For Sale

All Dogs displayed as available on this page are current and for Sale.
A deposit is required within 24 hours of your purchase to secure your dog.


Billabong Creek Farm adhere to current Codes of Practice and in that code it provides for the retirement of ex-breeding mothers and dads too, deemed suitable for homes.  We believe our dogs can and should have opportunities to live a long and happy life after their days here are over.  We cannot keep them all as our space is limited, so offer them to people who don’t necessarily want a puppy, or just want another older dog as a companion for a pet dog they already have.  We would never call these dogs “rescue ” dogs as they are not in any situation here that compromised their well-being, sociability or ability to live in a home environment if suitably placed.

 If you are interested in any of these lovely mothers or dads that we have here to live with you, we ask you to simply send us an email stating the following details about yourself, your family circumstance, any other pets you may have and how you believe you can offer one of our dogs a new and exciting life.  We will place your request into a file, and when there is a dog available to be re-homed, we will assess all these emails and match the dog to the best home based on the information provided.  If yours is chosen we will contact you, send a picture or pictures of the dog and provide you with all its information so you can make a decision as to its suitability.  Some people have colour requirements and size restrictions too, so all this is taken into consideration with each application so if you have any restrictions on size, colour or even allergies you may have, put this into your email.

 All these ex-breeding dogs will be desexed and Vet checked prior to their departure from us and you will receive a full and frank history of the dog’s temperament, health, its likes and dislikes and feeding requirements etc.    This is the beauty of re-homing a dog that has been here with us all its life…. up till 7 years of age when it is offered for re-homing, is we will provide you with all its history whilst it has been here so no made up sad, sorry stories to make your decision based on guilt if you don’t choose it or even worse, a time frame for euthanasia if it is not re-homed within a certain time.  They will stay here until the right person is found and no pressure is put on anyone to take the dog if at meet and greet, don’t quite “click”.

 Send us your email and mark it “re-homing of ex-breeding dogs” as your subject and we will file it in our system, and hopefully contact you with a match up.  The price on every dog varies and is inclusive of all Vet work and desexing.

sold to rachel


Female / Gold / Spoodle


Pawnee is a lovely female Spoodle who is now looking for her new home. Pawnee is desexed and available now. Pawnee would suit either a family with older children, a couple or a single person who can give her the time to adjust to her new environment. Pawnee is fine with other dogs and socialises well but the right home for her would need to consist of one other dog and no cats or smaller animals, no other pets would also be suitable. Pawnee can be reserved with new people and will need someone who is willing to spend the time to build up trust and a bond with her. 

DOB: 12/06/2017

Available From: 12th of April 2022

MC: 953010001995135


sold to mia


Male / Black & Tan / Cavalier


Hank is a very loving boy that is now looking for a loving home. Hank is very sweet, kind and loves being with people. Hank is a 3 legged pooch who lost his front leg due to an injury, be assured even with 3 legs nothing stops Hank and he is very happy and healthy. Hank will be desexed on 8th of Febuary 2022 and will be available 14 days after his surgery. 

DOB: 04/04/2018

Available From: 21st of Febuary 2022

MC: 953010002512746


sold to penny


Male / Parti-Coloured / Miniature Poodle


Zander is a very sweet and gentle boy who is now looking for a family to love. He is a very happy boy who loves to cuddle.

DOB: 07/10/2019

Available From: 21st of Febuary 2022

MC: 900164001878825