About Us

Here at Billabong Creek Kennels we have be breeding Spoodles and Cavoodles ethically since 1993. Our breeding program aims at great temperament, soundness and hybrid vigor to ensure your dog’s long term good health and happiness. 

We Specialize in Spoodles and Cavoodles, which are a hybrid of two purebred dogs of different breeds. Cocker Spaniels and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are the preferred dams to cross with our stud Miniature Poodle and Toy Poodles. These two breeds complement each other’s characteristics to produce a temperament perfectly suited to families and individuals. Their low allergy and low-shed coats make them ideal for indoor/outdoor living and those who suffer medical conditions. 

Temperament and professional service is our priority. This is ensured with our purpose bred dams. These mothers are selected and bred for their very social nature. Come and meet our lovely girls.  All our puppies come microchipped, vaccinated, vet checked and a 3 year health guarantee.

Farm visits are always welcome – come and see first-hand the puppies and mothers in our Premier World Class modern nursery, designed and manufactured in the USA by world renowned Mason Kennels. See a real dog breeding complex, if you expect Australia’s best Spoodle or Cavoodle then our pups are for you.

Please have a browse of our Gallery and Puppies for Sale pages.  Use the Contact Us page to purchase a pup or send a message.

To order a puppy from Billabong Creek Farm send your order via our Contact Us page. This Website is current and updated daily.   Now breeding for over 25 years and now under Victoria’s world best practice our code compliant complex with over a million page views Billabong Babies is your choice for Australia’s most trusted professional breeder.

We use Departure Pets to freight our puppies interstate. Total frieght costs are from $400.00 to all capitals and some reginal airports.  Our options for payment are: Personal Cheque, Bank Cheque, Online Funds Transfer debit/credit to Billabong Creek Farm account, Postal Order, PuppyPay and cash. All transactions are receipted. 

Our business is registered in the State of Victoria under the Business name of “Billabong Creek Farm”. We are a registered Domestic Animal Business #17 State Goverment Source #BR101348 with the Wellington Shire Council under the animal’s act of 2014. Our permit is reviewed yearly and we are inspected for compliance with the Local Shire annually. We operate under the current code of practice for the operation and breeding and rearing establishments under the State of Victoria, Department of Primary Industries. 

Our Place

We would love all our clients from all around Australia to see why we live where we do. Both of us were born in Gippsland and we have been here on our farm since 1995. We believe it’s one of the best places in Australia and ideal for breeding dogs because of the climate. It is never not too hot or too cold but a nice mix of temperate conditions for a typical four seasons of weather. We have our property on a dead end road and this creates a natural quarantine area backed by the banksia forest known as the Mullundung State Forest going back almost 50km behind us. Our natural gully provides seclusion from winds and adverse weather so it’s never uncomfortably cold or hot for the dogs. Recent upgrades have improved all aspects of the complex and create an ambiance for clients who visit us and see the dogs and puppies here. We have 3 kennel areas at our facility and 2 nursery areas. We have a large exercise paddock for all of our dogs to run and play. In the large paddock we also have 3 goats that our dogs love. The lilies on our billabong look great and we also have beef cattle and horses on the farm. We are also proud custodians of a natural wonderland of “big” trees with lovely tree fern gullies and a running creek. Our largest tree takes 17 giant steps to get around its base. This we have fenced off and protected for the wildlife which consists of Koalas, Wombats, Kangaroos, Wallabies, Possums, Echidnas, Eagles, all manner of bird life and reptiles. (I haven’t seen the panther yet).


Our Views

These are views of aspects of our back yard and what the dogs look at during the day time. It’s not like a pound and along with their exercise area and pool which is below the domes they get to hear lots of interesting native wildlife and enjoy scenery that most people would crave for. We believe in keeping both body and mind healthy and with good care from our qualified expert staff who  keeping this place running, and ensure all the dogs have a good life here.

Play Time at Billabong Creek Kennels

All of our dogs have play time daily in our exercise areas to enrich there lives. Here are some fun pictures of them enjoying their time out running and swimming.